Saturday, April 12, 2008

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I be happy!

I get out of a dedication of Mr. Stiglitz is the author of Rabbits ( )

I had the Law has a nice on my album Dedications vennant be added to the one I Laurel, author of Carmilla.

coquinou and most of you gus or gusette, there is an author of comics that should please you: Arthur Pine

covers both volumes speak volumes about who can be hiding inside. Guilty pleasures is also well done to the girls for the gentlemen! And if you Liser two is even better.

sorry for the humanitarian message but now it is just the jumble. I'll tell you my BAFA (and yes it is me who will Toturi these poor leaders by training them!) And my week at summer camp Pioche (I know why but I am wary of anything in the name)

Coupin the good reading! bigou full knees


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